Project Name

Monsoon Restaurant

Building Type

Bar & Restaurant

Scope of Work

Interior design & MEP design

Total Area

500 sq.m.


AKB Décor


Mega Bangna



Building Owner

K’ Warinda


The 435-square-meter Monsoon restaurant located at the main gateway of the most vibrant plaza in one of the largest lifestyle-shopping complexes in Bangkok, Mega Bangna. The restaurant is located in between the main concourse and the eventful plaza, making it easily accessible from both sides. It is able to accompanied up to 200-seat comprising of 4 zones, the Open Kitchen, the Lounge, Indoor Dining and lastly the Outdoor Deck where guests can enjoy their meal and at the same time stay fully engaged with all the events being held in Mega Plaza’s open atrium.

In term of the design aspect, the interior design of Monsoon Restaurant reflects owner’s passion for motorsport and DUCATI motorcycle. Stonehenge enhances this unique spatial characteristic by addressing how the circular Monsoon Bar could potentially be used as the main attraction of this restaurant. This bar stationed at the center is visible from every corner from inside and outside of the restaurant. This is clearly the most dominant interior design element of this restaurant. As a result, we designed a spiral skin which is treated with a perforated LED-back lit metal panel folding around the bar dramatically revealing a red DUCATI on top. This injects a colorful dynamic force contrasting to its industrial loft style envelope.