Project Name


Scope of Work

Façade & Interior design

Total Area

350 sq.m. (36-BED)

Architecture & Interior Design

Stonehenge (Boonchai tienwang, Nitipoom dejwongya)


Chatuchak weekend market, Bangkok



Situated in a close proximity to Chatuchak weekend market in the Northern part of Bangkok, Adventure Hostel resides in a 4-storey typical shop house built during 1960s. The structural framing is at 3.60 x 3.60 meter which forms a 7.20-meter-wide and 14.40-meter-deep building.  The brief received by the client only have 3 simple requirements; cost-effective, fast to construct and clearly represent Thai contemporary culture.

In the past, this building has been used as a low-income apartment which Stonehenge see it as an opportunity to refurbish it into something more captivating. After the interior demolition, a lot of windows, doors and wooden studs have been left unused and with economical approach, recycling of demolished materials has become the core design idea. The door and wooden studs find new life as outdoor furniture and wooden decks.  They are polished and repainted where each one is precisely installed cladding the façade. This new abstract window facade protects inhabitants from street noise, direct sunlight, and also creates a certain degree of privacy.

Famous for its vibrant atmosphere, we introduce Bangkok every-day street components to the interior design, such as the traffic light, traffic cone, wooden palette, etc. These were meant to blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor giving it a sense of Thai culture. Furthermore, colorful traditional sarong which is commonly used as traditional dress in Southeast Asia was used for the roof fabric and other furniture upholstery to further symbolize Thai contemporary culture.

The design of this hostel does not only offer the budget overnight stay but also the need to represent Bangkok chaotic and yet vibrant atmosphere. The heterogeneous built environment was enhanced throughout the hostel space from the main entrance to the roof terrace.Adventure Hostel